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​The Background Story



I was blessed to grow up on a mixed farm in South Australia where we grew our own food, harvested our own animals, learned the value of hard work and established a strong love for nature and family. My childhood was filled with homegrown/home built goodness and imagination and freedom was my birthright.​ When I was 15 I was sent to America to live for 7 months on a student exchange. A country girl sent to a city of 2 million people…….. In the months I spent there I witnessed materialism, unhealthy habits, unhealthy food choices, obesity, a fast paced rushing lifestyle and more. When I returned home I was no longer the same person. I had no idea what I wanted to be… but I knew what I didn’t want to be. And this has been the biggest gift of my life.  


As a result of the above gift, I have spent my life to date (I'm still pretty young) reading, researching, lots and lots of study, exploring and travelling, listening and seeking an eco lifestyle, one in which I am self reliant, self sufficient and is filled with extra ordinary moments. I realised that the life I was seeking was not in the mainstream society, but on the edge (because the edge is where its at peoples...) living with my feet in both worlds. This is where I could follow my dreams and also be a part of change. This website and my career as a nutritionist is the continuation of that dream....... to be able to help and serve others, to be a shining light and an inspiration. 


My knowledge stems from studying environmental science and naturopathy, to permaculture and nutrition, from steiner education to health and wellness coaching and from farming and zoo keeping (threw that one in for a laugh. Its true though) to being a part time adventurer. Through this journey I have learnt such a wide variety of skills and knowledge.  In order to use this knowledge to be the change i wanted to see i have two fields i work in. One is teaching and education and one is of serving and supporting others to live clean, green lifestyles with health the key feature.


Teaching: For the past 8 years I have been a part time teacher of all things green and good in Steiner schools; organic gardening, permaculture, biodynamics, and whole food cooking. I LOVE MY JOB. To be able to share the wonders and art of growing and preparing whole foods and inspiring a love of nature and the importance of looking after our planet for the next generations. This gives me purpose and feeds my soul at the same time.


Nutritionist and alternative health practitioner, coach and health advocate: It took me a good 15 years to complete my studies in nutrition and qualify as a practicing nutritionist, health, wellness and lifestyle coach.  Throughout this time I have lived and breathed wholesome food, the principles of living a healthy life and have practised what I preached when it comes to being as self sufficient as possible. I have studied permaculture and implemented eco living strategies for as long as I can remember.  I have never compromised in my belief that with health anything is possible and stand by this today.The proof has been in the pudding.  As a result of great health we have been able  to fulfil dreams and follow pathways that many people could only dream of. Because of great health (in both body and mind) we have achieved some incredible experiences, overcome humongous obstacles and followed our dreams. This website and my practise is born because I love to serve others and see them radiating health, following their dreams and living a lifestyle that nourishes them. The workbooks I have created are the accumulation of my years of researching  living, educating myself on how to achieve ultimate health and happiness without compromise..... and i want to be able to help as many people as possible who have this dream also.

As a mother of 3 and a  wife 

As a wife, and mother to three beautiful children  (2 of those teenagers) I know what it takes to maintain a high level of health and live an eco lifestyle.  I have an understanding of how to create balance between health and life, raise children who are conscious and healthy, to make healthy nourishing food, create lunch boxes day after day, year after year (14 years in and they are still alive with goodness and variety), walk them through the childhood illnesses, overcome major health obstacles and illnesses.  I know how to follow your own dreams and to support the dreams of your children and partners. I know what its like to surrender to life and learn the art of acceptance in the times when you can do nothing but breathe. I know how to maintain a simple nourishing life in the busy modern world without compromising on lifestyle.  I know what it takes to be able to wake up each day and say to yourself “I am grateful for my health, my life and feel contented”. It can be done, my family and I are living proof that it can be done. It takes knowledge, patience, goal setting, will power and faith, but it is possible. 


When not at work I can be found picnicking with my family and friends somewhere beautiful, on hiking or adventure expeditions in far flung destinations, riding my bike to the farmers markets, exploring beaches (a favourite past time),  surfing,  working on biodynamic or permaculture farms, compost making, planting in my gardens growing my own food, staring at my native and honey bees (often found here with a dazed look of immense love in my eyes) and of course in my kitchen preparing and creating feasts. There is always a book in hand, a notebook nearby, some music playing and plenty of laughter. I was told by someone wise once that the secret of a happy life was to create memories worthy of remembrance..... and so that is where I am found when not sharing my gifts with the world.

What this means for you?

I have practical experience in many fields, am knowledgeable, dynamic, adaptable, positive and optimistic. I have compassion and have the ability to see the big picture, I carry no judgment. There is always a little bit of light heartedness in everything I do and I am passionate about a great many things. It means that I walk my talk.  


Dare to dream big..
Create memories
of remembrance
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