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May this space educate, inspire, empower and nurture you to live a life that is aligned with your values, abundant in health, is good for the planet and has a serving of fun on the side.

Welcome to my way of being

Empower yourself e-books

Discover how to be self sufficient in your health and that of your family through my DIY books and education

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Nutrition Consultations

Make an appointment or speak with me to discover how good you can really feel 

Kitchen Gardens in Schools

Find out how I can assist you in setting up a school garden or find the resources to inspire you to do so!

Events and Education

Check out what events are happening or book me to come and speak

Resources and products to support a healthy lifestyle

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Hi, I'm Sarah.....

Nutritionist and alternative health practitioner, coach, speaker, educator, permaculturist and kitchen garden expert, eco lifestyle expert, mother, wife and lover of the good life (all things green and good peoples).

What you will learn from me

How to Nurture and nourish yourself, your family and the planet

Do you want to live your best life?

How to Empower and motivate
yourself to great health

 How to Live the good life

My Mission: "Helping you lead a nourishing life without costing the earth"

Be informed and educated to make conscious decisions that benefit yourself and the planet.


You will learn that with great health anything and everything is possible


Lead a nourished happy life


Head to the resources section or check out the Facebook page or blog for practical tips, education, ideas and more.  

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